Red Clay Epicurean – FEAST MENU

Please take a look at last years feast menu while we compose this years. Check back often and we will add this years when it becomes available.
Chef Alan Phillips of Red Clay Epicurean will prepare the multi-course meal for the Alabama Renaissance Feast on October 20, 2018. The feast is $25.00 and is held at the Florence-Lauderdale coliseum at 7:00 pm. Costumes are admired, but not required.

                                                                                                                                                      This year the menu for the Alabama Renaissance Feast is inspired by Scotland:

1. Rys Lumbard Stpmdume – rice porridge with local vegetables from Jack O’Lantern Farms ( a local organic farm), chicken stock, pork stock, eggs and honey

2. Chicken in Heather – roasted chicken in honey (the honey is from bees that have gathered pollen in fields of heather)

3. Shepherd’s Pie with neeps, haggis and tatties – ground lamb and barley topped with a mix of turnips, potatoes and rutabagas

4. Cranachan with Caledonian cream – toasted oatmeal and berries, topped with creamed cheese and cream

There will be ample fresh bread throughout the meal, along with unlimited iced tea and water.

A mini-version of oatmeal scone will be served at the end, with the coin of the realm hidden in one. The person who finds the coin becomes the next monarch of the Alabama Renaissance Faire.