Performer & Entertainment Schedule

Curious as to what entertainment offerings are going to be present at this years faire? Read on below to find out… (2019 schedule to be announced)

(In no particular order)
1. Rainbow Dancers Belly dancers

2. Jon Nichols – Bagpiper

3. Jon Ray – Bagpiper

4. Kozakys – 17th century historical reenactment along
with live steel swordplay

5. Bards of Birmingham – Youth performed Shake-

6. Menagerie – Irish/Celtic music with hammer dulcimer
and guitar

7. Sophia Monday – Harpist

8. Land Loch’d – Musical duo

9. Two Hammers and a Pick – Hammer dulcimers and

10. Ben Deangelo – (In a dragon costume) children’s
dragon tales

11. Teresa Colby – Demonstrating authentic Celtic
bead work and knot work

12. Andrew’s Legend – Celtic music group

13. The Medici Dancers – (From Hibbett & Florence
Middle Schools) (Saturday only)

14. David Harvey – a.k.a. Dartagnan – Magician

15. SCA (Society of Creative Anachronisms, Shire of 
Glyn Rhe) – Medieval historical reenactment along
with live fighting demonstrations

16. Arianna Shepherd – Ancient Scottish musical

17. Jess Linder – a.k.a. Jock Stewart – singer/guitar

18. Molly Bell – a.k.a. Duchess Lizzy Fleete

19. ESCC Camerata – Madrigal singers from Enterprise,
Alabama State Community College (Saturday only)

20. Firenze Madrigals & Florence Camerata – Madrigal
singers from right here in the Shoals Area

21. Joey Varner – magician

22. Boats that kids and adults can sail around the 

23. Arthur’s Field – Children’s area complete with The
Sword in the Stone, haystack (with hidden goodies)
croquet with flamingo mallets and hedgehog balls
stick horse jousting and more!

24. Sidewalk art – grab some chalk and create your best
knight, princess, or even a dragon

25. Photo scavenger quest (one for kids and another for
(adults) – pick up your clues at the Information
Pavilion and then have fun roaming the grounds in
search of the various items to snap a picture of.
Complete the quest to win a prize!

26. Meet King Andrew and his consort, Lady Ana, always
at the ready to offer you a wonderful memory of your
visit. Look for them at the Royal Pavilion around the
fountain. If they’ve wandered off to enjoy the faire,
they will be back.

27. Medieval/Renaissance dance – Join us around the
fountain for some simple period dances

28. Chess – Play your friends or a random stranger