Alabama Renaissance Faire

Photography Contest

Photography Contest Guidelines


The Alabama Renaissance Faire sponsors an annual photography contest. Professional and amateur artists may apply. 


The winning photo in each category is selected based on the image's ability to reflect on the relevance of the Alabama Renaissance Feast and Faire. 


Photos must be taken at the Alabama Renaissance Feast and Faire. Photos from prior years may be submitted (please note the year, if known). The original photographer must be credited. 


Winning photos will be selected using a double-blind method by impartial judges and will be published on our social media platforms, in magazines and newspapers, and will become part of our official Royal Archives.

Rules for Submission of Entries

  1. The photo must have been taken at the Alabama Renaissance Feast or Faire.

  2. The entry must be submitted by e-mail to with Photo Contest Entry in the subject line.

  3. Entries must be submitted in a .jpg format.

  4. The following information must be included in the e-mail:

    1. The Category entered: Feast, Portrait, Action, Scenic, Comic, Artistic

    2. The Division entered: Professional or Amateur

    3. The name of the original photographer.

    4. The identities of those photographed, if known.

    5. The year the photo was taken, if known. 

  5. Each entrant may only submit 5 total photos over all categories. For example, the photographer may enter 5 photos in 1 Category or may enter 1 photo in each of 5 Categories, as long as the total number of entries do not exceed 5. 

  6. If entrant enters more than 5 photographs that will result in disqualification of all entries from that individual.  

  7. Deadline for submissions will be November 1, 2021.

  8. A panel of judges will make the final determination of the winning entry based on artistic merit and suitability as a visual image for the Alabama Renaissance Faire. Winners will be notified by e-mail. 

  9. All contest photo entries become the property of the Alabama Renaissance Faire. Upon entry, the photographer grants the faire full rights to publish for any and all purposes, commercial, promotional, or otherwise.