K-6 Art Contest

Each year we sponsor an art contest to add to the Renaissance Month celebration.

This is the art contest (not to be confused with our poster contest) for students in grades K-6.  


Sonnet writing

Calling all English Teachers

It is time once again for the annual sonnet-writing contest.

The response to this contest has been terrific during the 32 years of its existence.

We anticipate the same level of response this year.


Poster / T-Shirt

Every year we host a poster / t-shirt content.

We choose one winner's work as the design for our t-shirts and poster for the annual Alabama Renaissance Faire.

Our rules and deadlines may change each year, so please check the details closely.

We will keep them up to date on our website.


Chess tournament

We host a chess tournament each year at our faire.  If you or your school wishes to participate, please check the details for more information.

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