TO: All Principals
FROM: Billy Warren

Please appoint someone in your school to coordinate an in-house chess tournament. It can be as elaborate or as simple as he or she wishes. From the tournament, winners should be recognized in the following categories:


Elementary: Grades K-3
Elementary: Grades 4-6
Middle School: Grades 7-8
Senior High: Grades 9-12


Notify me of your school winner(s) no later than MONDAY, OCTOBER 14th.
School winners in each division will take part in a playoff at the Renaissance Faire on Saturday, October 26, 10:00 a.m., at Kennedy-Douglass Art Center. Winners will receive trophies; runners-up will receive this year’s Alabama Renaissance Faire poster.

Chess is a challenging, exciting game that requires what the State Department of Education calls higher-order thinking skills. This tournament will be a unique opportunity for your students to participate in an activity that will encourage them to think deeply, to analyze and to develop strategies.
Thank you in advance for giving your students this worthwhile educational opportunity.

P. S. At the same time of the playoff, there will be an Open Division. ANYONE who wishes to play in it may do so. Chess boards will also be available throughout the two days of the Faire.

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