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Build Your own Medieval  Castle

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Princess Hat
Cut a large circle from paper, cut once into the center point, roll and staple to form a cone to fit the child’s head. We used strips of crepe paper, long pieces of colorful curling ribbon and tulle (soft netting) hanging from the top to decorate. The children also added color (paint/marker), jewels and glitter. I attached elastic to hold them on but that’s really not needed.

Prince Hat
Make the old tried and true newspaper folded hat, remember them? I found directions in many books. We make them out of plain newsprint. The children then painted them
and added a large feather to stick into the brim.

Knight helmets
Using a gallon milk jug, cut out the portion below the handle and the bottom of the carton. Decorate with grey tempera/soap mixture, and finish off with a feather. String might be needed to assist in keeping the helmet on.

Medieval Banners
1) We used a “shield” shape cut from paper.

2) Have the child write their name across the top.
3) Below the name the children colored stars, strips, suns, animals etc. to personalize their own banner. We brainstormed ideas that might have a personal meaning to a child.
4) We mounted this on paper that resembled a banner. (Sort of flag shaped?)
5) We talked about how royalty would have their own banners to proclaim who they were to others. When you saw a banner, be it on a castle or maybe on a coach when royalty traveled, you would know who it belonged to. We compared this idea to flags of different countries.

For each sword you will need black electric tape, silver duct tape, two gift paper roles or tubes…one larger than the other, two paper core tubes from fax paper rolls.

Fax paper rolls are extremely sturdy and thick and can be used for lots of different things. For the sword slip the smaller gift wrap tube into the larger tube and the end of the smaller one so it sticks out the larger by about 4 inches or so. This top part will be the handle.

Cut the bottom of the tube into a v shape for the point of the sword. The whole blade will be wrapped in the duct tape. For the handle cut a hole on both sides of the smaller protruding paper roll so that the fax tube can go into it making it look like a cross. this will be completely covered by the black tape.

To make the handle stronger slip another fax roll over the smaller tube so that also will be covered with electric tape. I tell my kids they have to slay dragons instead of each other.

Castle Bowling
Cut and discard the top sections from 6 half-gallon milk cartons. Cover the cartons with glue and paper. Using scissors, cut turrets along the top to look like a castle. Add stone designs and doors with a marker.

To Play – Set up the castles like pins in bowling. Using a lightweight ball, have your guests take turns trying to bowl over the castles.

Capture the Dragon
Select various types of cardboard boxes to make a dragon shape. Cover the boxes with glue and construction paper. Decorate with pieces of cut paper. Add a paper tail and features to the head. Cut three long, thin strips of poster board. Staple the ends of each strip together to make three hoops.

To Play – Toss the hoops over the dragon’s head. The player who gets the most hoops over the head wins.

Sword in the Stone
Cut an egg cup from the bottom of a cardboard egg carton for each. Turn it bottom side and cut a small slit in the center. To make a sword, cover one ice cream stick with aluminum foil. With scissors, cut the ends off another ice-cream stick and color it with markers. Glue the two sticks together.

King or Queen for a Day

Materials Long cardboard strips (one per child) jewels, beads, glitter, shiny ribbon and sequins, glue, stapler and staples. On one long edge of each cardboard strip cut a zigzag edge to make points like a crown.

Give each child a cardboard strip. Measure it around his/her head, allowing enough room for it to overlap slightly. Cut off any extra cardboard. Lay the strip lat and let the child decorate his/her crown with the jewels, beads, and glitter that are available. When the glue has dried, staple the ends of the cardboard together to form a crown.

Creative Movement

Using the Prince’s hat and crowns for the girls we danced to baroque music and did this movement poem:
Here is the Prince with the feathered cap (Boys take off caps and bow)
Here are his boots that go tap, tap. (Boys march around)
Here is the Princess with a crown. (Girls touch crowns with both hands)
Here is her lovely velvet gown. (Girls hold out imaginary skirt and curtsy)
Here is the castle tall and wide. (Lift arms for tall and wide)
Here they can play safely inside! (Wraps arms around self and hug self)

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