Board Members and Roundtable Volunteers

The 18 members of the board of directors are entrusted with overseeing the legal and financial business of the Alabama Renaissance Feast and Faire. Board members chair the committees which accomplish everything from decorating the feast hall to picking up the trash on the last night of the Faire. Board members depend on the Roundtable volunteers who are the ones that make the Feast and Faire happen each year.

Have you ever wondered how this event is organized every year?  It is organized through the efforts of a group of volunteers who are known as the Roundtable.  These volunteers donate their time by attending a series of monthly meetings starting in January.  When September rolls around, they will then meet twice during that month.  Then, once October gets here, they will meet every week. After all, October is Renaissance Month here in the home city of the Alabama Renaissance Faire, Florence, Alabama and it does include the Costume Making Workshop, The Royal Autumnal Feast and the Alabama Renaissance Faire itself.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us via our Facebook page.