About our Monarchs


Our Monarchs are chosen at our Renaissance Feast, which takes place on the Saturday night of the weekend before the Renaissance Faire. Feast-goers who are 16 years of age or older may participate in the “choosing” by coming forward and accepting a Royal cookie or cake. The person who finds a coin in his or her cookie becomes the next monarch, and will be coronated on the following Sunday at the Faire. With the guidance/advice of the Board of Directors, the new monarch may choose the theme and country represented at the next year’s faire, and may choose a royal name and exit strategy. After reigning for one year, the monarch becomes a Duke or Duchess.  Below is a list of the Alabama Renaissance Faire Royalty.

The Kings and Queens of Firenze, Dated from the Accession to the throne of the first King of the land after the restoration of the Monarchy. Heretofore Firenze was a vassal Dukedome of the Crown of Meridies.

    • Martin I “The Hearty”  Reigned Anno Domini 1991

    • Charles of Vandevender “The Navigator” Reigned Anno Domini 1992

    • Pamela I, “The Mad” Reigned Anno Domini 1993

    • Pamela II, “The Gracious”, Reigned Anno Domini 1994

    • Robert of Daly, “The Just”, Reigned Anno Domini 1995

    • Andrew of Betterton, “The Penitent”, Reigned Anno Domini 1996

    • Donna of Miles, “The Pious”, Reigned Anno Domini 1997

    • Nightwind of Norwood, “The Valiant”, Reigned Anno Domini 1998

    • Dorlea Gloriana, “The Shepherdess”, Reigned Anno Domini 1999

    • Martin the II, “The Scot”, Reigned Anno Domini 2000

    • Feyanna LynBrygga, “The Fey”, Reigned Anno Domini 2001

    • Randall of Olivewode, “The Vanquished”, Reigned Anno Domini 2002

    • Zolin, “The Magus”, Reigned Anno Domini 2003

    • Orrin, “The Stormreaver”, Reigned Anno Domini 2004

    • Salina, Reigned Anno Domini 2005

    • Freya Igrayne Greywolf, “The Viking”, Reigned Anno Domini 2006

    • Ostara, Reigned Anno Domini 2007

    • Gregory of Bowling, “The Pirate”, Reigned Anno Domini 2008

    • Saori Minai, Reigned Anno Domini 2009

    • Brandi, Reigned Anno Domini 2010

    • Ferdinand and Isabella, Reigned Anno Domini 2011

    • Taran Lir, Reigned Anno Domini 2012

    • Matthew of Varble , Reigned Anno Domini 2013

    • Angelina of Andalusia, Reigned Anno Domini 2014

    • Darlene, “The Learned” & Richard, “The Protector”, Reigned Anno Domini 2015

    • Anastasia de Medici, “The Benevolent”, Reigned Anno Domini 2016

  •       David, Reigned Anno Domini 2017

             Pallus , Reigned Anno Domini 2018

Click the book to Read a History of the First Monarchs to The year of Our Lord 1999…

Queen Pamela I 


HRH Pamela I wore a coronation gown of her own design and making. It was of golden velvet, with olive green and orange brocade accents.  Stylish puffs peered through the sleeves at many  intervals. A long sheer olive green drape adorned the back of the gown. Brocade shoes encrusted with jewels accompanied the entire ensemble. A highlight of Her Majesty’s reign was the Royal Autumnal Feast, which became a Masquerade. The queen wore a deep purple robe which featured a Far East Golden Dragon design on the back. The High Table was adorned with a celadon green earthenware plate with a boxed set of royal blue enamel handle utensils, also featuring a Far East Dragon design. The celadon glaze, believed to indicate poison by changing colors, protected Her Majesty from an assassination attempt, but could not protect her throne from being usurped a week later.  

Donna the Pious and Gregory I


Queen Donna and her Consort King Gregory I held reign over the realm of Firenze in the year of our Lord 1997. During her reign, a coloring contest was held in the local school systems, and the winner joined the Queen for an afternoon tea. According to her teacher, the winner was a shy girl, who as a result of the contest, came out of her shell and grew in self-esteem. When Queen Donna learned that her eldest son, who had been fighting in a foreign land, had been captured she and her husband abdicated their rule in order to go find him and bring him home.

Dorlea Gloriana de Firenza and Prince Consort Glenn, Duke of Flatwoods


HRH Dorlea Gloriana accepted Glenn, Duke of Flatwoods, as her Prince Consort. Her reign focused on education, and she spent many sessions visiting with the youngest students in her realm. Her greatest joy was the beauteous decorations of the head table and hall at the Royal Autumnal Feast, and her interactions with her guests at the faire. Queen Dorlea Gloriana named Menagerie as her favored performers as her last royal act, before she and the Duke of Flatwoods retired to a simpler life on his farm.

Martin II, The Scot and Consort Stacey of Dean


HRH Martin, the second monarch to bear that name, hailed from Scotland and was accompanied by his bride, the Lady Stacy and his two sons. Martin II added a bit of flair to his Royal Autumnal Feast. He incorporated a bit of theatrics with pre-planned/rehearsed fights, and he also changed the layout of the Feast Hall. Martin took the “High Table” (this is usually located on the stage of the Coliseum, above everyone else) and moved it to the floor of the Hall, thereby making it a “Low Table”. The Royal Table, which normally only seats 12 members of the King’s family and Court, held 30 people this time, many of whom were Monarchs from previous years. As the year passed, many wondered if he would be the first to survive the curse upon our land that prevents monarchs from serving more than one year. Alas, it was not to be as King Martin was assassinated and his body burned upon a Funeral Pyre.

Fayanna LynBriga (Welsh)


HRH Fayanna lays claim that her parents were King Arthur and the Lady of the Lake. Her last name is Welsh and means “of the lake”. It was during Fayanna’s reign that Goode (good) Cookery first catered the Royal Autumnal Feast. To celebrate this, Good Cookery presented Fayanna with a Folly. A Folly, or subtlety, is an ornamental display of a Chef’s artistic creativeness. The Folly was that of a Chicken riding a Suckling Pig, much like a Knight riding his Steed. Over the course of her Reign, Fayanna’s parentage was called into question. As a result, Fayanna abdicated the throne to go search for her father’s sword, also known as the Sword in the Stone.



HRH Zolin was a Weather Wizard and served the Kingdom well as a Predictor of the Weather for many years prior to ascending the throne. Alas, his reign was a stormy one, and he often depended upon his advisors to help him through the tempests. At the end of his reign, Zolin joyfully stepped down as King to join his love, Jan the Artist, and return to his duties as Weather Wizard.

Orrin Stormreaver


King Orrin, the youngest king to reign, was descended from the wicked Vordryd. Ever conscious of his ancestor, King Orrin strived to be a good and gentle king, even attending the wedding of a lowly subject and bestowing his blessings upon the match. He visited the youth of the kingdom, offering advice and admonishing them to listen to their elders, as he often did himself. After a year’s reign, still struggling with the dark ambition he inherited from his forbearer, King Orrin abdicated. In a moment of weakness during the transfer of power, Orrin attempted to assassinate his successor, but stopped in time, repented, and asked forgiveness. He retreated into a peaceful exile.

Queen Salina


HRH Queen Salina’s theme was the Italian Renaissance for Feast and Faire.  HRH Queen Salina’s court was Princess Brittany Faith, Prince Spencer Mason, Prince Michael and his wife April; and a whipping boy. Queen Salina was abducted on the Sunday of her faire and a new Queen was chosen.

Queen Freya Igrayne Greywolf and Consort Otto One Eye


HRH Queen Freya Igrayne Greywolf was a Viking Queen and ruled with her Consort Otto One Eye. Queen Freya and her consort Otto One Eye took the throne from Queen Salina, by kidnapping the Princess. This caused Salina to abdicate the throne. When Queen Freya was crowned and took the throne, the temperature dropped 20 degrees. She declared that AllFather Odin was pleased. After a year had passed, the AllFather commanded that Freya and her consort return home to their native land.

Queen Ostara


HRH Queen Ostara, a native born Italian, had been placed under the protection of the Rainbow Dancers until she was of an age to ascend the throne. Of Royal Blood, Ostara had been forced into hiding. When Queen Freya left the throne, Ostara took this opportunity to regain what was her birthright. During her Royal Autumnal Feast, the Rainbow Dancers performed such an amazing dance that Queen Ostara was so enchanted that she came down from the High Table to watch the performance from a closer perspective. Queen Ostara’s reign, while peaceful, was prophesied to only last a year. The land of Firenze was set upon by Pirates, led by Captain Gregory of Bowling. Captain Gregory captured Queen Wiporwil of the Rainbow Dancers,  forcing Queen Ostara to abdicate her throne in order to spare Wiporwil’s life.

King Gregory of Bowling


HRH King Gregory of Bowling was Pirate King with his Consort Billy Jo of Bowling. After a year of good fun King Gregory was kidnapped by The Rainbow Dancers and, seeking no escape, lived happily ever after.

Saori Minai and Consort Taran Lir 2008- 2009

HRH Saori Minai and Consort Taran Lir hosted a German Feast and Faire. During the feast HRH Saori Minai held up a sign that said, „We are not amused“ whenever She was displeased with a subject. During the festivities, an uninvited guest challenged Her Majesty to a sword fight, and was dispatched by her superior skill. One week later, his sister avenged him by killing HRH Saori Minai in a one-on-one sword fight. A friendly pirate carried away Her body. Queen Saori Manai shall evermore be remembered for imprisoning persons in the Royal stocks, then requiring them to sing for their release.

King Taran Lir and Consort Rebecca


HRH King Taran Lir of Ireland ruled the Kingdom for the 27th Annual Renaissance Faire with his consort Queen Rebecca. At the Royal Autumnal Feast, the King favoured the Beef with Berry Compote.  On the last day of the Faire, he tasked the alchemist to create a philosopher’s stone to end the curse which forces the Royalty to abdicate within a year. The alchemist, who had a hearing problem, a philosopher’s scone and baked the elixir of lust into it. The queen consort ate the scone and fell head over heels for the alchemist. On the last day of the faire, the king was searching for the couple, only to discover them canoodling in the Royal Pavilion. His Highness called forth the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, but before he could use it, the pin fell out. After some back and forth wrestling with the alchemist, he fell back into the Pavilion, where the holy hand grenade blew him to tiny bits, and the crown came rolling out of the tent to land beside the thrones.

Angelia of Andalusia


HRH Queen Angelia, hails from Andalusia, Spain. She reigned from during the year of our Lord, 2013 and continued her reign for another year. Angelia was accompanied by her Lady in Waiting, Amber of Angelia. Angelia was also well guarded by the mercenary group, the Zholdak Kozaky.
Angelia was known to be a generous Queen and this was especially well noted during the Royal Feast as well as at the Faire itself. During Her Feast, Angelia provided her subjects with a satchel of Spanish coins and jewels. When asked about the meal at her Feast, Her response was that the food was most scrumptious! She also mentioned that she was very well entertained by the lovely ladies known as the Rainbow Dancers.
During her time at the Faire, Queen Angelia, once again showed her subjects that she was a generous Queen by providing paper crowns to all the children who would come and visit Her, while she was presiding over the Faire. As the Faire began to wind down, her subjects wondered if she would be able to survive the curse upon the land that limits monarchs to reign for just one year. Alas, it was not to be. Once again, the curse took effect as Angelia was stricken with a desire to seek adventure and sought to journey with the Zholdak Kozaky. That was the last we had seen of Angelia, it is hoped that she is having an adventure fit for a Queen!

Queen Darlene the Learned and King Richard the Protector


HRH Queen Darlene the Learned and King Richard the Protector ruled jointly in their kingdom for only one week. Their English Medieval coronation took place at the Royal Autumnal Feast. HRH Queen Darlene was presented a beautiful Swan, carved by his Royal Hand, as an anniversary gift from HRH King Richard. The Rainbow Dancers, led by Queen Wiporwil, presented the couple with a Greek temple followed by a command performance. At the faire, Sir Joseph de Gruchy attended her majesty throughout the weekend, holding a bumbershoot to protect the Royal Garb from the rain. On the Sunday of the faire, their Majesties renewed their marriage vows with all the subjects of the kingdom as witnesses. Afterwards, HRH Queen Darlene followed her Knight, Sir Richard the Protector, on crusade, and they relinquished the thrones.

Queen Anastasia de Medici and Consort Christopher of Crossland


HRH Queen Anastasia de Medici ruled with her Consort HRH Christopher of Crossland for the 30th Annual Renaissance Faire, and her theme was Italian Renaissance for faire and Italian Masquerade Ball for Feast and Her Majesty enjoyed the dancing at feast and was especially entertained by His Majesty Christopher of Crossland’s two left feet.  HRH Queen Anastasia expressed her love for the town of Firenze by donating her and her consorts time to several charities and visited A local senior home with several members of Firenze which was enjoyed by  all.  They rang the bell for charity, and also were guests of a local shelter to help lost animals at Christmas. At her faire she also took donations for books so children could read to animals at the local shelter.   Her Majesty and Her Royal consort hoped that the charity work would continue as a legacy of giving back to her beloved Firenze. Her Majesty Anastasia and His Majesty Christopher also gave out treasures of toys and jewels to children from a wooden chest which was enjoyed by all.  One child had nightmares and when Her Majesty gave her a magical fairy stone, that gave good dreams to all who put it beside their beds, later someone  said she hasn’t had a nightmare since she put the stone beside her bed. Her Majesty was favored by a little lad who was disabled and his mother said he loved Her Majesty so much he spoke more that day than he had before and wanted to come visit her many times that day. Her Majesty was pleased by this news.  HRH Anastasia’s Official Royal Canine Handler for her beloved dogs Prince Charming Charlie, Prince Barney Fife, and Princess Mandy was Lois Dapper, and her Page was Luke Dapper. HRH Queen Anastasia’s Royal Pups who are in reality a Fairy Prince, Pixie and Gnome,  were abducted for ransom and taken to the Fairy realm and Her Royal Highness left the throne with HRH Christopher of Crossland and his trusty Knight on a quest to find them.

HRH King David and Consort Jennifer Jean Swain


HRH King David’s theme was French Renaissance for Feast and Faire. Once King David ascended the throne, he noticed that the crowns were tarnished and proceeded to fire those responsible for such an affront and then he found one who would polish the crowns properly, Hisself! HRH King David issued a challenge to his subjects, who were present at His Royal Autumnal Feast, that if they did not wish to pay their taxes to the Crown then they would have to engage in a sword fight with his guards.  If His subject defeated a guard, they could keep their taxes. If the guard won, then the subject had to pay what was required of them. HRH King David’s Consort was HRH Jennifer Jean Swain of the 31st Annual Renaissance Faire. His Majesty was challenged by the Priest, Father Pallus for Crimes against the land of Firenze and was overthrown after being defeated in a duel with swords.

HRH  His Majesty King Pallus and HRH Isabella Magaly Beatrice Cruor


His Majesty King Paulis of Scottish decent, and HRH Isabella Magaly Beatrice Cruor of Spain ruled for the 2018 Renaissance faire. His Majesty was Paulis MacLaren, a priest who reigned for the sake of the people. Her Majesty’s favorite part of her reign was the Feast. she loved being able to decorate the high table. The best part of Faire was seeing all the kids light up when they got to come meet them. HRS Isabella gave these words of wisdom, “As someone with anxiety, I would like to warn anyone who wants to do this that all eyes will be on them and to mentally prepare for it. “I had to center myself at one point and I think His Majesty did too.” It was a great experience and worth seeing a whole new side of the Faire experience.” Her Majesty said that although, it was a pleasure for her and his majesty to reign for her Kingdom, she prefers Dancing and His Majesty prefers his swords.

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