Renaissance Recipes

There is a lot of information available for original recipes from the medieval and renaissance periods. The problem is with some of the words and their meanings. For example if you are looking at an original recipe and it says use a “Rezge or a ray” for the recipe, what does it mean? Well it actually means “fish” but you probably didn’t know that. It is sometimes difficult to know exactly what a word in a recipe means when you are looking at an original recipe. So I have included a glossary of the terms commonly used in the original recipes along with the generally agreed to be a reasonable translation of the word.

These can be found below in the GLOSSARY of recipe terms courtesy of


The below recipes courtesy “Cariadoc Miscellany” by David Freeman and Elizabeth Cook and Alabama Renaissance Faire Round Table members.  Each Submission from Round table members have name of submitter under title. Feel free to add to the recipes through our forum located on the Faq page…

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