What is the Alabama Renaissance Faire?

The Official Alabama Renaissance Faire is one of the largest running all volunteer events in the nation.  This Faire, in it’s 30+ years, has served the community through both education and entertainment.  The Faire itself is put on by an all volunteer, not for profit organization known simply, as the Roundtable.
The time period for the Faire is considered to be from 1100 to 1650 A.D., this covers the Medieval and Renaissance eras of Europe.

Added pictures from the 2016 faire

Added photos from the 2016 Faire in the photos section.  Check them out.

Renaissance Feast Ticket Sales

SEPTEMBER 27, 2016
Tickets to the annual Renaissance Feast sponsored by the Roundtable of the Alabama Renaissance Faire officially go on sale on MONDAY, OCTOBER 3, at Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts, 217 East Tuscaloosa Street, in downtown Florence.
The cost per ticket is $25.00, with seating limited to 200.
The Feast will begin at 7:00 P.M. on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15, in the Florence-Lauderdale Coliseum which members of the Roundtable transform into a grand baronial hall.
It will be a fun evening of great food and period entertainment fit for a King!
The theme for this year reflects an Italian Renaissance ball, with ticket holders encouraged to attend in costume and to wear fancy masks (though certainly not required).
For further information, contact:
Billy Warren
Telephone: 256-718-5020; Email: brwarren@florenceal.org

Welcome Back!
Hello, and welcome back to the webpage for the Alabama Renaissance Faire! Due to some unforeseen issues we lost our previous page, but, we have bounced back from that and plan to come back even better than we were before. The Alabama Renaissance Faire is not just an event, webpage or even a Facebook page, it is living, breathing entity. How can that be, you ask? It is because we have a truly great group of people, all volunteers, who come together to see to it that the Alabama Renaissance Faire is unlike any other event in our host city of Florence, Alabama.
Our goal is to give people a brief glimpse into what life might have been like during the Renaissance Era. Whar better way to educate people than through entertainment and fun?
We do realize that a lot of things at our Faire are of modern origins, which is something that we take in stride, after all we do live in the here and now. But with a little imagination you can find yourself transported to a time when there were such things as Kings, Queens, Knights, sword fighting tournaments, and musicians were common. Our Faire includes shops that offer a sampling of goods and services from various parts of the land.
Enjoy your visit to the past.
First post for a new site.

I’ve added most of the content from the old website back.  I’ve tweaked a few things and changed the look just a tad.  Welcome to the website for the Renaissance Faire in Florence Alabama.  Our faire is on the 4th weekend every year in October.  This year it will be on October 28-29.